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1954 FORD F-100 1/2 TON PICKUP

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6 November 2019
( 585 days ago )
Belgrade, Gallatin County, Montana, 59714, United States

This Ole Blue Truck has been in our family for around 54 years. This sale has become necessary due to some misfortunes. Time Limited Offer I have to leave Montana soonest. But enough of me let s talk about the truck.

This is a 1954 Ford F-100 ton. Re-painted 18 yrs ago in her original Glacier Blue.
She has a straight 6 cyl 223 cc, with a 3 speed on the tree. Has been converted to 12 Volt.
She can sure be called pretty Bone Stock and is about 96% original factory build.

This truck was a daily driver for much of that time. The last 27 years here in Montana she has been a summer driver. She still runs and gets down the road. I could pick you up at the airport in decent driving weather.

Original Exceptions-
– The Oak in the bed is older than the truck and came from a wall in the Baxter Hotel in Bozeman Montana.
– The Grill is from a 55 F-100, someone stole my original one back in the early 80 s
– The Block is the 3rd one, you know that pesky #2 cylinder, but the head is original except for hardened valve seats.
– The Seat was re done in TJ Mexico in the mid 80 s
– She has a 55 Custom cab deluxe heater.
– The wheels are from a 68 Olds Tornado.

Oddities and Extra s
—-Original Key set !!!!!
-The small amount of surface rust is just exactly that, surface. The worst is pictured and was last fixed 20 years ago, and needs further attention.
– The hood has a 4 inch gash in it from a broken off fan blade s exit. Still there; I saved the memory.
– Has a small 6 volt fan mounted on the Dash by the original owner, Mr. Rugg
– Turn signals are Signal Stat and were installed in 1955 by the original owner.
– Extra Trans 3 speed, rebuilt by me and a re-built generator.
– Extras———
Radiator Banjo, inner fender liners, suspension parts, intakes, exhaust manifolds, Instrument cluster, Switches, emblems, knobs, 54 Valence + Plus + NOS seals, window guides, cables and many more parts. ( over 50 total )

I have some of the original providence for the truck, Owners Manual and old receipts, with a little scrounging I would be able to find pictures back to the late 60 s. Truck has lived in southern California and Montana both Dry areas.
Her name is Gully Jumper and I wanted a Hemming s median price of $ 15,700 for her. Now just $14,200 OBO this week and needs to be done rapidly. I plan to leave Montana for the south in a week or two, so let s do it now! Or otherwise I will re-market her at my original price in the spring when I return.