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Posted on
20 May 2019
( 754 days ago )
Fort Collins, Co, USA

Verdoro Green
Turbo 400 automatic transmission
Push button AM radio
Power Steering
Tinted glass
Safety Trac positraction
Power disc brakes
In-dash tach
Invoice amount: $3361.47. I have PHS documents.

This is my bottom price. No more price reductions. I will keep it and drive it if it doesn’t sell.

This car was purchased from Weidner Pontiac in Mansfield, OH on March 18, 1969 by Mr. R.H. Queen. It was purchased from him by Mr. Sparks in Lincoln, NE in 1981. It was then purchased by a gentleman from Omaha in 1984 who subsequently moved to Fort Collins, CO in the late 1980s when I became friends with him. He passed in the 1990s and I purchased it from his daughter’s trust in February 2016. The car had not been driven much since 1995 and was sitting in their garage next to the last 1971 GTO Judge convertible produced; one of 17 and with only 15,000 miles on the odometer. That car is now in the Brother’s Collection in Portland, OR via the 2016 Muscle Car Nationals in Chicago. So this car has an interesting backstory.

There were 6,725, or 6,833, or something in-between, depending on the source, Judges produced in 1969. Supposedly, the first 5,000, or thereabouts, were painted Carousel Red, the 1969 signature color for Judges. Carousel Red was also a color choice for the other approximately 1,800 Judges produced. The bottom line is that Verdoro Green is a rare color and, in reality, is probably a VERY rare color. Certainly, far less than 50 were produced, although PHS says there is no way to know for sure.

I have performed the following checks/repairs to this car.
1. The tires were manufactured in 1994 and have almost no mileage on them. A reputable tire shop says they will be OK for noninterstate, noncontinuous driving and it will be obvious if a belt comes loose. Passenger car tires manufactured before 1995 were produced to higher standards and these tires should be OK for nonrigorous use.
2. Wiring problems have been fixed.
3. Windshield washer and hoses flushed out; washer now works.
4. Front radio speaker replaced. Radio cleaned and tested. It now works.
5. Fixed all under-dash lights.
6. Power steering hoses replaced and reclamped.
7. Fuel lines have all been upgraded to modern hose.
8. Transmission drained, flushed, new pan gasket, resealed, new fluid.
9. Oil change, new premium filter, 10W-30 oil.
10. Drained differential. Flushed thoroughly. New gear oil and posi additive. New gasket and sealed.
11. New gas tank sending unit. Gas guage now works properly. New fuel pump.
12. New heater core. Neutralized all rust in heater enclosure. Flushed cooling system; new additives.
13. I have had the front and rear seats out and cleaned the carpets and under the carpets. There is NO rust on the floor pans or bottom of passenger seat. I’ve neutralized the rust under driver’s seat and greased seat tracks. I did not find the build sheet. There is no rust in the trunk.
14. I have had all the door dings and scratc