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9 March 2020
( 461 days ago )

I love and baby this bike, it is the ultimate in every way!

I thought about price and looked up dozens for sale, nationwide. Other than wrecks and high milers, this should be below all the others, which run between $16,500 and $23k with miles up to double this. If you want a “deal”, just don’t bother me, please. This is priced right and I take low offers as insults and will return the favor. Go ahead and make a low offer, just be ready to go to church after.

Last model look, which is way better than the ’19 and forward. They must have hired 2015 Cadillac designers because of all the sharp edges on the new ones… gross. Anyway, this is the best looking of them all and this one is near perfect.

Pearl white, 2012 Honda Gold Wing GL1800 AIRBAG AND REVERSE, which is also loaded (ABS, XM radio, nav, you name it). Added passenger arm rests and back support for driver. Otherwise, pretty stock. Issues: will need a back tire soon’ish, has maybe 2 ea, 3/4″ tiny scratches, otherwise perfect paint, never laid down. Runs perfect, just did all recalls, etc.. No issues whatsoever. Pick it up here, drive to Alaska the next day. Only 16,500 miles

We all know the Goldwing as the ultimate, most reliable road bike. Even the smarmy assholes (I was one, but not self righteous) who own HD’s totally respect and worship Goldwings. If they could just get them only in black and add super loud pipes, they would never get an HD.. If you life is worth anything, this is the only one you can buy. 2/3rds of fatals on MC’s are front impact, likely “T”-bones and this airbag has saved countless people. Look it up, it’s the cheapest insurance you can buy. I will throw in a 3X (fits tighter, like a 2X) airbag full leather police jacket, which is worth a fortune and you will never find one. Perfect for the right sized rider. Frankly, if your not fat like I am, you can have some cut out of the back and have a perfect jacket designed to keep you unbroken, no matter how you go down. They use this in all races now, where the multiple bags open at once, around every danger zone on your torso. They really work well, and I’m throwing it in.

Selling because I really don’t use it enough. Retiring, selling my house and going motorhome for a couple of years. Just can’t use it and won’t let it sit and rot either

XM Radio:

XM NavTraffic:

XM NavWeather:

Cold-Weather Comfort Package: (you will use it)

heated grips for cold-weather riding.

heated seat/backrest combination with individual rider and passenger controls for optimum comfort.

Foot-warming system

Standard on all Gold Wing models.


Industry-first fully integrated rider airbag on a motorcycle.

The airbag module contains the airbag and inflator and is positioned in front of the rider.

The ECU positioned to the right of the module detects changes in acceleration based on information it receives from the two crash sensors (one positioned on each of the front fork legs), to determine whether or not to inflate the airbag in certain frontal impacts.

Airbag available only on full-featured version.

The Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS)

Slow-speed, electric Reverse system

Lightweight electronic cruise-control system

Look up airbag safety info at: